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Art for Water

In the days leading up to World Water Day 2019, an annual UN observance day that highlights the importance of freshwater, we decided to do something special.

Together with photo agency Initials L.A. we've organized “Art for Water”; an exhibition and auction to raise money for a clean drinking water project in Zambia.

A selection of 16 well-known Belgian and Dutch photographers donated their work. For several weeks the works were for show at Fosbury & Sons in Antwerp before being auctioned.

In the evening of march 21st a group of people interested in art and doing good gathered at this beautiful location, and together managed to raise 15.540 euro.


Feeling proud and satisfied with the results, we look forward to any future collaborations of the sort.


For now... let’s keep on caring.


Photo: Top photograph Taos by Eva Donckers, Bottom photograph Sink by Natascha Libbert


Photo: Fosbury & Sons Antwerp


Photo: Absence of Venus by Martina Bjorn


Photo: Mwanamke by Bastiaan Woudt


Author: Marie-Stella-Maris Foundation - May 09 2019, 15:12