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Exciting Video Footage Bangladesh

In the Patuakhali project in Bangladesh 14 deep tube wells (DTW) will be installed,
providing 2.500 people with access to clean water. We were there to witness the
different stages of the drilling process. 


One word: impressive!


The process starts with drilling; men from a local boring (drilling) group rotate the
drill manually. They work in pairs and take turns. Clean water must be extracted
from a deep ground layer (300m. deep), the drilling takes around three days.
Since there is a chance of seizing if drilling stops, the men continue even through
the nights.


When the right layer is reached, the casing will be taken out rapidly and a new
and very long pvc pipe will be put in. When this important basis in the ground is
realized, the handpump must be installed. After four days pumping the water
from the pump should be clean and free of (sand) particles as remains of the


Before usage the water will be tested on arsenic, iron and other hazardous
content. When the water quality is opproved, the platform will be constructed
and the community will be allowed to use the pump.





Author: Marie-Stella-Maris Foundation - January 26 2015, 11:03