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Our Projects at 'Fotofestival Naarden"

Fotofestival Naarden 2015 has begun. In this fourteenth edition the theme 'Water, water' is central. Several talented photographers show their view on the subject of water. Art photographers, Ernst Coppejans and Linelle Deunk, who both shot a series whilst visitng one of our clean drinking water projects, have been selected!

Marie-Stella-Maris x GUP Magazine
Last year we started collaborating with art photographers to raise awareness for our social purpose ‘Access to clean drinking water for everyone, everywhere.’ Through a collaboration with GUP Magazine talented art photographers Linelle Deunk and Ernst Coppejans were facilitated to shoot documentary images and autonomous work, whilst visiting one of the clean drinking water projects we support. Both were free to capture subjects they feel compelled to share with the world. It varied from the people and their surroundings, to a concept / idea such as – “Take away all material and political contexts, and solely look at the individual with his or her loved ones and our two worlds may not be so different.


Photo Festival Naarden: 14th May – 21st June
With the clean drinking water projects as a starting point, both succeeded in capturing beautiful visual stories. Ernst and Linelle's series are exhibited in a 30 metre long passage in the fortress mueseum in Naarden. Go and admire their work, and off course the beautiful work from other selected photographers, at Photo Festival Naarden: 14th May – 21st June!


Read the interview with Linelle Deunk about her visit to Uganda.
Read the intevriew with Ernst Coppejans about his visit to Bangladesh.
More info about the Fesitval at

'Madarbunia, Bangladesh' by Ernst Coppejans

'Madarbunia, Bangladesh' by Ernst Coppejans


James, 16 years by Linelle Deunk

Band of Brothers by Linelle Deunk






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