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Photo Special Ernst Coppejans

“Despite the extreme poverty this village is quite amazing. Everything revolves around a dike which is the main street where one meets everybody, where everything happens. The series has become a portrait of the village in which the beauty of the inhabitants and their surrounding play a leading role.” - Ernst Coppejans


Exhibition Ernst Coppejans for the Marie-Stella-Maris Foundation
Through our collaboration with GUP Magazine, Ernst Coppejans was invited to shoot autonomous work, whilst visiting one of the projects we support. Ernst visited the village Madarbunia, which is one of the beneficiary villages in the clean drinking water project ‘Water for Patuakhali’. He shot 'Madarbunia - Bangladesh', a series of intimate portaits, which will be exhibited from 17th April - 23rd May in The Ravestijn Gallery in Amsterdam. 10% of all the proceeds are donated to the Marie-Stella-Maris Foundation!

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Author: Marie-Stella-Maris Foundation - April 01 2015, 9:31