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Last month the Tegemeo Women Group completed its project in Mweteni. From the high altitude source (Heikeyu)
the water now flows through pipelines to water points (taps) in Mweteni village, serving 1.900 people.

We asked a few people in Mweteni about their water issue. This week we can proudly share a video fragment with
you, in which Esther tells her story about what it means to have a source clean drinking water nearby.



"Right now I feel relieved about the water issue,

because I do not have to go far to get water.
I can now do other activities because water is nearby."

"We used to fetch water in faraway places.
We lacked time to do other activities like gathering feed
for the livestock and preparing children for school."

"Now we have time to do such activities, because water is available here."



Read more about the Mweteni project.

Author: Marie-Stella-Maris Foundation - August 15 2014, 8:07