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Our latest project ‘Water for Mukono’ was born out of an initiative by Katosi Women Development Trust (KWDT). As written on the project page, KWDT is one of the member organizations of Women for Water Partnership (WfWP). But what do they stand for?


Katosi Women

KWDT is a Ugandan NGO with the aim of improving the overall standard of living of poor, rural farming communities in Mukono District.

A group of twenty women formed KWDT back in 1996. Today, eighteen years later, there are 403 female members. Divided into sixteen groups, they are committed to improving the overall standard of living in Mukono District. Including improving access to clean drinking water and adequate sanitation.



KWDT focuses on three key points to improve the rural living standards.
1. Economic empowerment: by creating income-generating activities and thereby reduce dependency on the Lake Victoria fisheries.

2. Improving health: through access to safe water, adequate sanitation and knowledge on hygiene practices.

3. Leadership and political participation: to share knowledge and train skills in order to be able to participate in decision making processes and take up leadership roles.



We’re not the only one who thinks Katosi Women does a good job; KWDT recently received several awards. See the last two prizes below.


2012: RIO + 20 Women Good Practice Award, Rio de Janeiro at Rio + 20 Summit. - June 2012 RIO Awards

2012: 3 Kyoto World Water Grand Prize, Marseille France, at World Water Forum - Fresh Water Action Network


These ladies truly impress us!

For more updates on the project, keep checking our blog!

Author: Marie-Stella-Maris Foundation - February 19 2014, 9:00