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Photo by WFWP and KWDT

In our current project ‘Water for Mukono several activities have taken place; the construction of rainwater harvesting tanks is in full swing and training has started! Time for an update…


Construction in problems
Katosi Women Development Trust enrolled 32 households for the consumption of rainwater harvesting tanks. For half of these households the construction of the tanks has departed. Sadly they have come across a challenge along the way: the rainy season.


Rains do not only disrupt the construction by washing away freshly mixed concrete for the ferrous cement but also increases the transportation costs of delivering these construction materials to the respective sites. When roads are slippery, truck companies increase their costs. Therefore KWDT chose to proceed only on the forecasted dry days, which has naturally slowed down the entire process.

In the third week of April KWDT will continue their process in finding more materials for the tanks.


Group Training
A group leaders training was carried out in February, aimed at equipping locals with desirable leadership skills to manage their current Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) resources.

Also a couple of group trainings have been carried out to help all group members develop skills that are essential to successfully work in a team and carry out good governance principles. Group members play a big role in the governance and management of access to water, hygiene and sanitation facilities at households and in communities.

Remaining trainings are scheduled during April and May. More about that soon.

Author: Marie-Stella-Maris Foundation - April 01 2014, 16:39