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Natascha Libbert Photography

In September 2016, we travelled to Mweteni in Tanzania to visit two drinking water projects that we supported.
Photographer Natascha Libbert, in collaboration with GUP, captured the local community and its surroundings.

In a comprehensive interview on Marie-Stella-Maris' website, Natascha reveals her sources of inspiration and
what kind of impact the trip had on her. These are two images she shot there. 

"Water was fairly invisible in the area where we stayed, but it was definitely present in the way it manifests

itself in the lifestyle of the people in the villages." - Natascha Libbert

Please click here to read the full article.



Photos: My Dear. Leave Some for the Next Guy © Natascha Libbert, Tanzania 2016


Author: Marie-Stella-Maris Foundation - December 01 2016, 9:59