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NEXT STOP: 100.000 EURO!

Photo: School children at a village meeting during our visit in Kameke (July 2013).


MARIE-STELLA-MARIS water has been available in the Netherlands for about eight months now. Today (mid-summer) we would like to give you an update on it's contribution towards clean drinking water projects so far.


The promise is that for every litre MARIE-STELLA-MARIS sold 5 eurocents goes directly towards financing clean dinking water projects. Therefore we can now proudly announce that - with the help of all MARIE-STELLA-MARIS drinkers – the contribution has reached 65.890 Euro! With the first completed project and the two current projects we can meet the need for clean drinking water of 4.400 people in Uganda and Tanzania.

And this is just the beginning; we want to provide access to clean drinking water for a lot more people!  

Next stop: 100.000 euros for clean drinking water!


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Author: MARIE-STELLA-MARIS - August 13 2013, 8:24