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In September 2012 we went to visit some of our partner organizations in Uganda. Peter Simon, the managing director of 'Hope Alive Uganda', took us to two project sites to explain the general situation as well as the local needs. Similarly, we also visited Kameke, the location of our new project.

The community in Kameke, about 1800 people, uses only one borehole. A daily borehole output equates to about sufficient water for 500 people. This results in long queuing or worse; a day without water. 

There used to be other boreholes, nearly 8 km away. Because of the long wait and/or the long distance to the other boreholes, people often resorted to water from nearby pools. As these are also used by animals, the people of Kameke were making use of contaminated water.

Contaminated drinking water and lack of sanitation and toilets and showers cause half of all health problems in underdeveloped countries. Fortunately, last spring Hope Alive Uganda realised a new protected borehole at the Good Shepherd Nursery & Primary School in Kameke. However, this additional borehole is still not enough to meet everyone's needs.  We are therefore very happy to make a significant contribution to their drinking water situation!

Photo: Peter Simon, Managing Director 'Hope Alive Uganda'.

Photo: Good Shepherd Nursery & Primary School in Kameke


Author: MARIE-STELLA-MARIS - July 11 2013, 12:48