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Every other week we introduce you to some people of Mweteni. Because currently all MARIE-STELLA-MARIS water drinkers contribute to realising access to clean drinking water for them and another 1888 people. With pictures and quotes of the residents we’d like to bring Mweteni a little bit closer.

LET'S INTRODUCE: Esther Abdalla Kimashi
This is Esther Abdalla Kimashi. She has seven children, three daughters and four sons. Together with they take care of the household, tending to the livestock and fetch water.

“My activities here in the village are farming and nurturing children. I also keep livestock. I stock chicken, cattle and goats. I farm maize, beans and vegetables. In the morning when I wake up, I gather fodder for the livestock and then collect water when I return. After this I take the livestock out to the pastures and then go the farm. After farming, I go to collect more water because water is a scarce commodity after which I start cooking.”

Esther Abdalla about sharing:
“Personally, when I think that sharing is beneficial because when you are alone you cannot do anything but sharing is good because for example when you have a wedding you can invite your friends to help.”


This is Aaron Aminieli Bwambo. He lives in Mweteni village and has been selected as a technician within the District Council.
“I am a farmer and a resident of Mweteni village. All main activities are agricultural. I engage in farming; rearing of goats and growing maize, beans and bananas. However, I encounter problems because sometimes it does not rain and there is not enough food.”

Aaron about sharing:
“I think that sharing is useful because it leads to an increase of strength. An activity that you would have done on your own in three days can take only a couple of hours, or less than a day when this activity is shared amongst a group.”


Author: MARIE-STELLA-MARIS - April 29 2013, 15:52