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The Tegemeo Women Group is a group of 27 Tanzanian women committed to economic independence and rights for women and orphans. Currently, MARIE-STELLA-MARIS water drinkers contribute to the project 'Water for Mweteni', which is part of a larger water project that originated by the strong will of these women.

Joining forces
In 2001 a small group of women in Mweteni village (Tanzania) got together. They found out that they all had to deal with similar problems. Which include their economic dependence and the limited access to clean drinking water. Together they started thinking about how they could improve their lives. The number of women involved increased; they grew to a group of 27 strong women - the Tegemeo Women Group.

The Water project
The Tegemeo Group launched a water and sanitation project, with the help of the Women for Water Partnership in 2005. In five sub villages of Mweteni they planned to realise access to clean drinking water. The project helps women to participate in decision-making in the community. It will also help reduce women and children’s burden of fetching water in remote places.

Resistance and insecurity
Especially in the beginning the women encountered some resistance in the community. There were doubts about supporting a women’s initiative and their capacities. In addition, finding financial support for the project wasn’t easy. The money available was not enough to finance the entire project. Therefor the project was split up.

In 2011 the first part of the project was finally realised. A result to be proud of! Unfortunately this realisation brought again some resistance. People of the sub villages not yet reached, were afraid that they would never get access to clean drinking water in their village.

The next step
Considering the Tegemeo Women had to come from far, we are glad to be able to contribute to the realisation of the next phase of their water project. An additional 1900 people will get improved access to clean drinking water. This achievement will bring the women and the residents trust and positivity.

Powerful and persevering women.

Tegemeo Women Group; we’re impressed!

Author: MARIE-STELLA-MARIS - May 07 2013, 9:06