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Dogon, Mali

Sustainable water supply in the Dogon area

In March 2019 we've committed us to a pilot project for sustainable water supply with water towers and solar-powered pumps in Dogon, Mali. Our project partner in this pilot is Partner Pays Dogon. In the villages Koundu and Tyougou, the first pilot water towers and pumps were to be installed. In November lots of community members celebrated the installation of the first water pump in Koundu. Unfortunately, because of poor water quality and difficulties with the soil in Tyougou they weren’t able to finish the second installation in 2019. To ensure the pilot phase could be finished on time before the rainy season started, the project in Tyougou village was put on hold and another location with high needs for clean water was selected. In October the construction in the village Wadouba started. Final delivery of the second water tower powered on solar energy in Wadouba is planned in April 2020.


Location: Dogon, Mali
Water towers and solar-powered pumps
Number of people:
Local Partner:
Partner Pays Dogon


First realized water pump on solar energy

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