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Kidingidingi & Kwakibulu, Tanzania

Kidingidingi & Kwakibulu Gravity Schemes

In continuation of the Mweteni project that we have supported earlier (2013), we are able to help the Tegemeo Women Group in the realization of two more gravity schemes. The Kidingidingi Gravity Scheme and Kwakibulu Gravity Scheme are the last two of the five designed gravity water supply systems to complete the final phase of the Mweteni water and sanitation project. The other parts of the Mweteni water and sanitation project has been completed successfully in 2011 and 2014.

The two gravity schemes provide water from a high altitude source; the water ‘falls’ downhill in pipelines to tap stands (water points) in the community below (read more about the system). The systems will serve the remaining population (1.900 people) with access to clean drinking water. In August 2015 the site will be handed over for clearance to get ready for contruction. Hygiene and sanitation trainings, which will take place in October in November 2015, are also part of the project. 


Location: Kidingidingi & Kwakibulu
Mweteni, Tanzania

two gravity schemes
Number of people:
Local partner:
Women for Water Partnership & Tegemeo Women Group

Partner Organization

Women for Water Partnership (WfWP) is a global alliance of 24 women’s networks active in the field of poverty reduction and sustainable development. The member organizations are women's groups from around 100 countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America, Eastern and Western Europe and the Caucasus. WfWP is particularly focused on the social and economic development of women by aiding in their basic water and sanitation needs. At the same time they also contribute to sustainable development, food security and the position of women in their communities.


One of the realized water points in Mweteni, Tanzania.

Fetching water.

Beautiful patterns everywhere...

Thanks to the availability of water, these guys were able to start their own business in brick-making.

A woman carrying water to her home.

High up in the Pare Mountains the project is realized.

Access to water!

One of the water storage tanks in the realized gravity scheme.

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