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Mukono part 2, Uganda

Mukono part 2, Uganda

In succession to one of our projects in 2014 in a rural fishing community in eastern Uganda, we are happy to support a new project. The local partner we work with is Katosi Women Development Trust; member of the women’s network Women for Water Partnership.

The main objective is to increase the number of rural households’ access to clean safe water and to increase productivity in rural household through using water for economic productivity. Access to water gives households more time to engage in farming. Increased farm productivity helps the women to improve nutrition by growing vegetables around their homes. In Mukono 5 community wells and 24 rainwater harvesting tanks will be constructed, serving around 3.750 people with access to water.

In addition to the construction of water facilities, several committees will be trained in leadership skills to build their capacity in managing water resources.

In October 2017 art photographer, Bastiaan Woudt, joined our trip to the project location. Read in this interview Bastiaan Woudt's personal story about his reasons to join us to Uganda, his experiences there and what good it has brought him – next to an impressive series of photos.


Location: Mukono, Uganda
 5 Community wells & 24 rainwater harvesting tanks
Number of people: 3.750

Local Partner:
Katosi Women Development Trust


A sign wth all donors next to a newly realized community well. (MSMF = Marie-Stella-Maris Foundation)


At the primary school where we donated school toilets

An old toilet block that will be replaced by a new one

Landscape in Mukono

A rain water harvesting tank at household level

Tapping water

Playing in Lake Victoria

Fishing community

One of the masons of Katosi Women Development Trust

Busy constructing a rain water harvesting tank

On top of a rain water haversting tank

Platform for community tank is finished and left to dry

Women's group training

A well deserved 5 star household sticker.

A size for every child

A newly realized toilet block. The bright paint should make visiting a toilet something fun to do!

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