25.06.2024 4 minutes
  • Status: Finalized
  • Location: Dogon Mali
  • Project: 10 Water towers and solar powered pumps
  • Number of people: 14500
  • Local Partner: Partner Pays Dogon

Water towers on solar-power

In 2023, the program initiated in 2019 with Partner Pays Dogon (PPD) and Association Dogon Initiative (ADI) culminated in the completion of the last two water towers. The programmes we supported have resulted in substantial progress in improving water security across a variety of villages in the Dogon region. Ten water towers were successfully constructed equipped with solar-powered pumps.

This initiative has delivered safe drinking water to 2200 families, equivalent to 13,200 individuals. Additionally, eight women’s gardens, benefiting 380 women now have water basins without extra charges, streamlining water distribution and reducing the time and effort required to fetch water by women and children. The projects were constructed from 2019 to 2023, spanning from the pilot project in Koundou and Wadouba-Oyé to subsequent phases in Tyougou, Amala Guene, Ningari-Donou, Nalou, Bandé, Golgou-Dah, Tassambé, and Niagari Tagadou and provide sustainable water solutions and community well-being.

Partner Pays Dogon

Partners Pays-Dogon arose from the merger of three Dutch foundations that each have been working, for many years, towards the same ideal: contributing to the regional development of the Dogonland. The various experiences of the three foundations now complement each other in an integral approach to our projects.

Collaboration has been a crucial ingredient for all three foundations. And since each has already worked together with ADI (Association Dogon Initiative) in Mali, it seemed a logical next step to also form one single organization in The Netherlands.

Stronger together, Partners Pays-Dogon now work with ADI on the development, implementation and construction of school buildings, educational programs, women groups, heritage preservation, water supply, agriculture, desert-greening and tree-planting.