21.05.2024 4 minutes
  • Status: Finalized
  • Location: Rural Zambia
  • Project: Water pumps via training in production and self-supply
  • Number of people: 12775
  • Local Partner: Jacana Business Empowerment

Local empowerment

Together with our local partner Jacana Business Empowerment we are committed to realizing access to clean water in an other region in Zambia. This 3-year programme supports people in the remote villages around Lundazi and Chasefu. As we did in Chipata, we will train local welders and drillers in the production of water pumps and boreholes. They receive a business traning and a technical training in order to grow and build their own sustainable businesses. Many people from the community will be provided with access to water at household level (directly and indirectly). Pumps and boreholes are made by these trained small scale Zambian entrepreneurs.

The people who will receive a partly sponsored pump will be selected based on their (business) ideas about how their future pump can be used for supporting their household or business. And we expect many more people (with a little more money to spend) will gain access to clean water via self-supply. Self-supply of water (also called household-led water supply or individual supply) refers to an approach of incremental improvements to water services, which are mainly financed by the user. People will buy the water solutions (pums e.g.) themselves from the local trained welders and drillers.

Jacana Business Empowerment

Jacana Business Empowerment is dedicated to fostering sustainable development in Zambia through innovative water projects. By leveraging local entrepreneurship and community engagement, we aim to provide access to clean water and empower individuals to build resilient livelihoods. Our projects focus on implementing scalable solutions that address water scarcity challenges while promoting economic growth and environmental sustainability. Through our collaborative efforts with local partners and stakeholders, we strive to create lasting positive impacts on communities and contribute to the overall well-being of Zambia.