21.05.2024 4 minutes
  • Status: Finalized
  • Location: Rural Ghana
  • Project: 17 solar-powered water points
  • Number of people: 13.250
  • Local Partner: Project Maji

solar-powered water solutions

We have joined hands with Project Maji to accelerate rural access to safe water via sustainable solar-powered water solutions. As a result of this partnership, a total of 17 solar-powered water points will be deployed across rural Ghana over a period of two years. Keeping in mind the unique water needs of each community, a mix of systems will be deployed as per the needs of the village. The partnership will deliver 17 solar-powered water access points, directly impacting approximately 13,250 lives serving over 15 million litres of safe water each year.

The kiosk works with an automated payment system and accepts payments from prepaid RFID tokens or tags. Low-income consumers top-up their accounts by buying credit from a vendor or caretaker. Users tap their token against the e-pay reader to dispense water. The revenue is safely transferred to a dedicated account, accessible for maintenance and repairs to safeguard the long-term viability of safe water supply. The nominal tariff that makes up this revenue stream is set through community consensus to ensure patronage and sustainability. This is how the cashless payment system addresses the age-old problem of revenue transparency in rural water supply, enabling long-term reliance, sustainability, and water security through our kiosks.

Project Maji

Project Maji is a non-profit social enterprise, a water donation NGO that exists to empower and transform lives by providing sustainable, effective, and solar-powered water solutions by enabling you to donate clean drinking water to rural communities across Sub-Saharan Africa.