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The Tanzanian team of Africa Interactive recently visited Mweteni and talked to a couple of residents. As we already wrote earlier, Mweteni is a village in the north of Tanzania, near the Kenyan border. It’s a remote place situated in the Pare Mountains; 1800m above sea level. According to Google Maps, the distance from our office in Amsterdam to Mweteni is about 11,160 km. And that's pretty far away!

With pictures and quotes of the residents we’d like to bring Mweteni a little bit closer. So, here’s an introduction to a few of them.

LET'S INTRODUCE: Hossiana Shangwe

Hosianna Shangwe

Who is Hossiana Shangwe?
“My name is Hosianna. I’m a farmer. We participate in small activities, because there is no business here. It is difficult for vehicles to access our area. The roads are in bad condition, meaning that even when we harvest we cannot transport our products.”

Hossiana about sharing:
\"Sharing has a positive meaning to me because without sharing with my colleagues I can not produce anything.”

LET'S INTRODUCE: Resti Gerald Mgale

Resti Gerald Mgale

Who is Resti Gerald Mgale?
“My name is Resti, I am a family woman in the village of Mweteni. I have four children, one daughter and three sons. I am educated to the level of class seven. My work involves farming and small businesses. I sell oil, salt and other grocery items in order to make a living.”

Resti about sharing:
“I also view sharing, as a way of fostering love because if you share with your friends you love each other therefore without sharing there’s no love.\"

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Author: Josha Jansen - April 17 2013, 10:54