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After months of hard work, the Tegemeo Women have completed the Mweteni project.

We are happy to announce that the construction of the gravity scheme is completed and all training have taken place. From the high altitude source (Heikeyu source) the water now flows through pipelines to water points (taps) in Mweteni village, serving 1.900 people. We are particularly proud of the Tegemeo Women Group, since, as mentioned before, they had to overcome specific challenges during project implementation. Water quality tests have showed good results and the hand-over has been taken place; the community in Mweteni village can now make use of the water!


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Photo: two strong and proud Tegemeo Women

Photo: hand-over (by WfWP - Tegemeo Women)


Photo: the view nearby elevetad Mweteni village


Photo: using one of the tap stands of the realized gravity scheme (by WfWP - Tegemeo Women)

Photo: singing at hand-over ceremony (by WfWP - Tegemeo Women)


Author: Marie-Stella-Maris Foundation - July 15 2014, 14:07