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Photo: borehole realised by Hope Alive Uganda, Bulamka 2012.

Hope Alive Uganda (HAU) is a Dutch/Ugandan NGO, which has been working in Uganda for over five years to develop and support strong and healthy communities. 'Water for Kameke' is already the second project we will realise together with HAU. What is the organisation's mission and will this be achieved?


HAU's goal is to improve health, education and agriculture and increase empowerment of local people through education, training and projects that create income.  HAU provides people in local communities with tools to improve basic needs and strengthen the community itself. To achieve this, their focus is on access to medical care, clean drinking water and creating awareness about the importance of clean water and hygiene.


For more information about Hope Alive Uganda visit their website.



Author: MARIE-STELLA-MARIS - September 04 2013, 10:00