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Thanks to all the MARIE-STELLA MARIS water drinkers about 1,900 people in Mweteni will have improved access to clean drinking water.
As mentioned this will be realised through the construction of a gravity scheme.

But what exactly is a 'gravity scheme'?
We’d like to tell you a little more about it...

It’s actually as simple as it sounds. From a high altitude source, water ‘falls’ downhill in pipelines to tap stands (water points) in the community below. Because of the gravity there’s no need to install any pumps. A simple and reliable system which doesn't require gasoline or electricity!

Protected source
By placing fences, the area above and around the water source is protected. This way the water cannot be contaminated by either persons or animals.

Jointly constructing pipelines
The pipelines can be constructed above and/ or below ground. In Mweteni the pipes will go underground. The residents of Mweteni are involved in the construction, which include trenching for pipes. Preparations are in full swing! (see pictures below)

Break-pressure tanks
Due to the force of gravity there’s a lot of pressure on the pipes. Therefore it is common to install storage tanks and break-pressure tanks. These tanks will ensure that pressure can be reduced in the pipes, preventing them from bursting.

Water nearby
The pipes can branch out to different tap stands in the community. Tap stands are placed in central places in residential areas to reduce the distance people have to carry water. This way clean drinking water will be available nearby!

Want to know more about this project? Take a look at the project page of Mweteni!


fenced water source *

Preparations in Mweteni (above, left), break-pressure tank (right)

Tap stand*

* These pictures are from a previously realised gravity scheme.
This is a similar system, which has been realised by the same partner organisation (the Tegemeo Women Group) in the same region.

Author: MARIE-STELLA-MARIS - May 28 2013, 13:22