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In our latest project ‘Water for Kameke' we will realise access to clean drinking water for approximately 1.000 people. This will be achieved through the construction of two protected boreholes.



In Kameke two deep wells will be drilled into the ground. Hand pumps will be placed on the wells. The depth depends on how deep the groundwater is located. As in our previously completed project 'Water for Bulamka', the Ugandan company Ugandrill will be the drilling contractor. In addition, the implementing project organisation (HAU) will make use of the expertise of the company Drillco. Each borehole can provide around five hundred people with sufficient clean drinking water daily.


Maintenance and protection
Per borehole a 'water committee' will be installed. This committee bears the responsibility of the facilities on behalf of the residents. Within the water committee a 'caretaker' will be appointed to explain other users about the proper use of the borehole. Furthermore, a fence will be placed around the borehole. This way the water point cannot be contaminated by either persons or animals.

Ugandrill will start the drilling in the first week of August. Keep an eye on our website, we expect the first photo update by the local projectmanager soon!

PhotosUgandrill @ work (at previously completed project in Bulamka 2012) 


Author: MARIE-STELLA-MARIS - July 25 2013, 9:28