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Bulamka, Uganda

Water for Bulamka

Our very first Marie-Stella-Maris project is in Bulamka, Uganda will provide 1.500 people with access to clean and safe drinking water. The people in the community have to walk around 5 km to get to a source woth clean and safe drinking water. To provide clean water closer to their homes, three boreholes with water pumps will be installed. The community inhabitants agrees that each family pays a small fee for their water use to ensure the upkeep and maintenance of the facility by the local authority. Also a schooling programme with a local organization will be set up, to educate the local community about the importance and proper use of clean and safe drinking water.

Facts & Figures


Location: Bulamka, Uganda
Project: three protected boreholes
Number of people: 1.500
Local partner: Hope Alive Uganda


The Impact of Water

Partner Organisation

Hope Alive Uganda (HAU) is a Dutch/Ugandese NGO who has been working in Uganda for over five years to develop and support strong and healthy communities. HAU's focus is on improving the health, education, agriculture and empowerment of local people. Through education, training and projects that create incomes, HAU provides people in local communities with the tools and equipment they need to become self sufficient and independent.



One of the three new boreholes, ready for use

Village life

Playing soccer

Clean drinking water

Drilling company at work

Drilling company at work

A new borehole in use

Managing director of Hope Alive Uganda

Curiosity amongst local population

Lining up for filling

Washing clothes

Local owenership

The project originated from a local demand for clean drinking water. People needed to walk a long way for clean water, therefore they often use the contaminated water from the pools nearby. Per borehole a water committee will be installed (which bears the responsibility of the facilities on behalf of the residents).

Sharing of knowledge

Together with Hope Alive Uganda (HAU), we have also set up a 'safe water campaign' programme to teach the local community about the importance and neccesity of clean water for your health. Along with the usage of water and hygiene, the programme will also educate people on how to maintain their facilities in order to make sure they stay efficient and long lasting for all.

Self sufficiency

The access to the underground water sources enables the inhabitants to pump their own clean and safe drinking water. Every family pays an annual fee of 5.000 Ugandan Shillings (about two Euros) for future maintenance. All the required materials, knowledge and man power for maintenance are locally available which means the facility can be run for locals by locals.

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