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Kameke, Uganda

Water for Kameke

In the project 'Water for Kameke' we work togehter with the local partner organization Hope Alive Uganda (HAU), who successfully completed the first project as well. There is a lot of demand for clean water in the region where they operate. This is very similar to Kameke; a rural area in Eastern Uganda. There, women and children have to walk an average of 8 km to the nearest clean drinking water source. Due to the long distance and ignorance about the importance of clean water, the people in the community often use water from nearby ponds or pools. Unfortunately, these are often contaminated by either people or animals. In Kameke two new protected boreholes will be realized, providing clean drinking water nearby. In addition HAU sets up a 'safe water campaign', to inform the local community about the importance and necessity of clean water for their health.

Facts & Figures


Location: Kameke, Uganda
two protected boreholes
Number of people:
Local partner:
Hope Alive Uganda


The impact of water

Partner organization

Hope Alive Uganda (HAU) is a Dutch/Ugandan NGO, which has been working in Uganda for over five years to develop and support strong and healthy communities. HAU's goal is to improve health, education and agriculture and increase empowerment of local people through education, training and projects that create income.  HAU provides people in local communities with tools to improve basic needs and strengthen the community itself. To achieve this, their focus is on access to medical care, clean drinking water and creating awareness about the importance of clean water and hygiene.



village life: using water for washing clothes

clean drinking water

typical road in rural area, Eastern Uganda

reflection in the water

clean running water

village life: playing music, dancing, laughing

village life: transporting turkey

village life: houses in Kameke

a bucket full of clean water

village life: transporting coals

jerrycans at home

village life: enjoying meal

washing hands

village life: lunch time

transport by bike

transport by pick-up

Local ownership

The project originated from a local demand for clean drinking water. The residents of Kameke will be involved in the implementation of the facilities. Per borehole a water committee will be installed (which bears the responsibility of the facilities on behalf of the residents). Next to that the residents themselves will help with the preparations and the digging itself.

Sharing of knowledge

Together with the water committee, Hope Alive Uganda (HAU) will set up a 'safe water campaign’ to inform the local community about the importance and necessity of clean water for their health. Within the water committee a 'caretaker' will be appointed to explain others about the proper use of the borehole. 

Self sufficiency

With the realisation of the two boreholes around 1.000 people can meet their drinking water needs. In consultation with the local council a fee will be paid
(5000 UGX = 2 Euro per year) for the use of water. In this way, money will be saved jointly to finance future maintenance by themselves.

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