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Water for Patuakhali Continued

Water for Patuakhali Continued

In succession to the earlier year/project, we decided to also support the 3rd year of Max Foundation's program in Patuakhali. The ultimate goal of this program is to reduce child mortaility by health education, realizing safe water, appropriate sanitation, safe motherhood and sexual reproductive health rights (SRHR). The implementation of the total program will take around 3 years and 2016 will be the final year. We are happy to be able to play another part in this program. By financially supporting the project we will contribute towards realizing access to clean drinking water for around 4.200 people in Borobighai and Chotobighai village. This will be realized by drilling 28 deep tube wells (DTW) in the community, hygiene education and realizing water and sanitation facilities at 9 schools.

The biggest problem in Patuakhali is not the quantity but the quality of the drinking water. Bangladesh is struggling with a major problem: in large parts of the country, there is arsenic contamination of groundwater. In the coastal areas salinization of drinking water is also a common problem. Luckily, because the soil is soft, wells can be dug relatively easily to a depth of 300 meters where arsenic and salt are no threat.

Last year photographer Ernst Coppejans visited the region and village Madarbunia (suported in the previous years) to shoot documentary and autonomous work > Read his story.


Location: Patuakhali, Bangladesh
 28 Deep Tube Wells
Number of people: 
Local Partner:
Max Foundation


A girl on her way to fetching water © Ernst Coppejans

Fisherman © Ernst Coppejans

The environment © Ernst Coppejans

Drying laundry © Ernst Coppejans

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